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Potential Sectors of Investment
Mines & Minerals
Infrastructure Development
Plastics and Polymers
Aromatic and Medicinal Produce
Horticulture & Floriculture
Food Processing
Organic Farming
Fresh Water Processing

The major modes of transportation in Assam are roadways, railways, airways and inland waterways.


Excellent infrastructure is the most crucial requirement of the industries. The Government realizes that excellent road connectivity in all the new Industrial Estates/ Parks of the State is needed for the Industrial growth. The State therefore ensures emphasis on adequate road connectivity.

Assam has total road length of approximately 37,555 kms covering both metalled and non-metalled surfaces. It has 48 km of roads per 100 sq km of area.

At present, there are 2 road-cum-rail bridges and one road bridge over the river Brahmaputra. The fourth bridge over the river near Dibrugarh is under construction and a fifth bridge in Guwahati is also coming up. The Government is also taking action for three more bridges over the Brahmaputra at Dhola, Jorhat, Nematighat and Dhubri Phulbari.

There are tremendous opportunities in construction and development of roads for improving access to important industrial areas. The idea of re-opening of Stilwell Road and corridor through Myanmar to hook on to the Trans Asian Highways is currently being explored. With this road, the exports from Assam would reach Bangkok, Singapore in about 4/5 days time.

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