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Legal & Judiciary System

India has a well-established and independent judiciary system. The Supreme Court of India in New Delhi is the highest Court of Appeal. Each State has a High Court along with subsidiary District Courts, which enforce the rule of law and ensure fundamental rights of citizens, guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

India has a three-tier court system with a typical Indian litigation starting from a District Courts and reaching its logical conclusion in the Supreme Court of India. The High Courts along with the various State level forums, situated mostly in the State capitals, constitute the middle rung of this three-tier system. District level courts are the courts of first instance in dispute resolution except in cases where they are prevented from being so by virtue of lack of pecuniary jurisdiction. Cases involving violation of fundamental rights are filed in respective High Court or Supreme Court.

A civil, criminal or commercial dispute may be filed in the court having territorial jurisdiction and depending upon level of crime or pecuniary jurisdiction. The place of cause of action and the place of residence of the defendant are the necessary determinants of territorial jurisdiction.

A number of special courts and tribunals have been constituted in India to deal with specific disputes:

Various Tax Tribunals
Consumer Dispute Rederssal Forums
Insurance Regulatory Authority of India
Industrial Tribunals
Debts Recovery Tribunals
Company Law Board
Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals
An appeal can be filed against an order of the civil or criminal judge before the Court of District and Sessions Judge. Next appeal can be preferred before the High Court and after that to the Supreme Court.

Under Article 141 of the Constitution of India, every judgment delivered by the Supreme Court becomes the Law of the Land to be followed by all the other lower courts.

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