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Assam intends to attract maximum investment in all available potential sectors by the entrepreneurs of the country and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The State Government has constituted a separate cell – The Industrial Investment Secretariat Cell (IISC) to facilitate investment – and a High Level Committee to accord fast track clearance for investment proposals. The Cell will function as a single point of contact for all inquiries from investors including supplying of information pertaining to permissions/ procedures/ guidelines.

To synergize its efforts with the above mentioned policy, the State Government of Assam also offers attractive investment incentives and also subsidies on power consumption through its industrial policy.

Procedural Simplification

1. Allotment of Land/Shade

All applications received for allotment of land up to 1 acre and shed up to 500 square metres in the Industrial Estates/ Industrial Areas/IIDC/Growth Centre etc. will be disposed off within a maximum time period of 30 days. Since as per Chapter 5, the I.E./ I.A./G.C. under Industries Department will be transferred to AIIDC; hence a committee headed by M.D. AIIDC/ AIDC/ ASIDC will allot land/ shed up to 1 acre under their respective control within the above time period. A Nodal Officer from Directorate of Industries & Commerce will be a member in the above land allotment committee. Requirement beyond above limits will be disposed off within 60 days by a State Level Committee chaired by Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary, Industries & Commerce Department with representatives from departments of Revenue and Finance.


The Electricity Distribution Companies will strictly maintain the time frame specified under Electricity Supply Code and Related Matters Regulations - 2004 while giving new connection. In order to achieve the above time limits, the distribution companies will sufficiently enhance the authority of field level officials as below in so as far the sanction of power to industrial units is concerned.


Power Sanction

Estimate approval

agreement sign

Asstt. Executive Engineer/ Manager

Up to
100 KVA

Up to  Rs. 1,00,000.00

Up to  100 KVA

Executive Engineer/ Sr. Manager

Up to
250 KVA

Up to  Rs. 2,50,000.00

Up to  250 KVA

Superintending Engineer/ DGM

Up to
500 KVA

Up to  Rs. 5,00,000.00

Above 250 KVA

Addl. Chief Engineer /GM

Up to

Above Rs. 5,00,000.00


Chief Engineer/CGM

Up to







In the case of new Industrial Estates/ Parks where power related infrastructure has been built as a part of the total project for such estate/park the Discoms will be delegated authority to the officer of the Industries Department in charge of such Estates/ Parks to sanction the load for individual units/ investors. For these purpose, concerned DGM of the Discom will provide the maximum capacity available in the system once in the beginning of the year. Total load sanctions will be limited to the total capacity so indicated and copy of the sanction will be marked to the Local officers of Discom like IRCA/DGM. The Discoms will do the billing and collection as done in usual course.

3.Pollution Control Board Approval

Please refer to the Industrial Policy of Assam (Annexure-III, IV, V and VI) which has the list of various industries categorized as non-polluting industrial activities - green, orange and red. It has been resolved that all these industries categorized as non-polluting industrial activities and green category, the prospective investors need not have to go through the arduous process of obtaining consent or NOC from the Pollution Control Board before a industry is set up. The green and non-polluting industries can straight away be set up under advice to the Pollution Control Board. The orange category of industry specified in Annexure-V will be granted a simplified consent for a period of 10 years.

In case of industries covered by the Environment Impact Authority Notification, 2006 dated 14.9.2006 the time limit specified therein will be followed.

The validity of the Consent orders as long as there is no change in the process and addition/deletion of machinery will be as follows:

I. Red category of industries : five years
II. Orange category of industries : ten years
III. Green category of industries  : fifteen years
IV. Management of hazardous waste : five years

4.Industries Department Registration

In case of micro and small scale enterprise, Memorandum Part I filed under the MSMED Act will be completed on the same day of submission.

5. Eligibility and Sanction of Incentive / Concessions

Applications complete in all respect for eligibility and sanction of incentives/concessions under the policy will be disposed off within a maximum period of 90 days.

6. Tax Formalities

Registration of new units under VAT Act will be done within 15 days on receipt of application complete in all respect.


A State Investment Promotion Board headed by the Chief Minister will be constituted to act as the final authority in matters of policy concerning industrial development of the state. Minister for Industry & Commerce would be its Vice Chairman. Chief Secretary, Secretary to Chief Minister, Chairman, ASEB, Principal Secretary/ Commissioner & Secretary of the Departments of Finance, Power, Planning & Development, Tourism, Information Technology, Revenue Department, P.W.D and Chairman Pollution Control Board would be members of the Board. The Principal Secretary / Commissioner & Secretary, Industry & Commerce would be its Member Secretary. The Board will have two member representatives from Industries Associations of the North Eastern Region. The Board will meet once in a quarter to review the industrial and other related policies of the state and to oversee the process of simplification of government rules and regulations for rapid industrial development.


All incentives under this policy can be claimed only after obtaining Eligibility Certificate from the prescribed authorities as below:




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