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Potential Sectors of Investment
Mines & Minerals
Infrastructure Development
Plastics and Polymers
Aromatic and Medicinal Produce
Horticulture & Floriculture
Food Processing
Organic Farming
Fresh Water Processing

The State has 6 (Six) universities including 1 (one) agricultural university, 3 (three) medical colleges, 5 (five) engineering colleges including an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). It also has 8 (eight) polytechnics & 23 (twenty-three) Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). 2 (two) more medical colleges are coming up. Four universities in the state offer Master Degree Courses in Management and Computer Applications. The state has numerous Law Colleges. CIPET also offers Diploma & Certificate courses and the Tool Room Training Centre offers Certificate courses. Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute also trains the state's human resource. In recent times, Government has encouraged setting up of various educational complexes, vocational institutes running traditional trades/specialized courses. The State Government has initiated steps by formation of the State Steering Committee & formation of 27 (twenty seven) numbers of IMC in the ITIs and industry partners are working closely with the ITI for skill development. Presently, there are 4 (four) ITI's under the Center of Excellence through retroactive funding scheme, Three ITIs covered under COE through competitive scheme. In addition, six ITIs have been taken up in the year 07-08 under PPP mode. Four ITIs are proposed to be taken up in 08-09.Twelve ITIs are implementing MES (Modular Employable Skill) in various sectors like-electrical, automobiles etc. The State would sponsor 50,000 youths to receive skills outside the State in the next three years. Their skills would empower them in becoming self-employed.

Assam has a huge potential for private investment in higher education and technical education. Already private engineering colleges and medical colleges and many vocational training institutes have started their operations in the state. The Government is committed to encourage regulated investment in this area, so that the quality of education does not suffer.

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